Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tball Practice!

Amazing Castles at Imagine It!

Fishing in the Rainforest
Performing a show in the Theatre

Playing majesty musical chairs
Building your own castle
Fairy Tale Stories
Castle Puzzles
The Great Hall
Can you make a great feast as the castle cook?

Tailor's Workshop
What does a tailor do? Can you do it too?

Carpenter's Workshop
Can you build a table and chairs?

Make your own dragon puppet


Enter the Magical Era of nobles and knights, lords, ladies, and Jesters .....Explore the museum's amazing castle!

Follow your young prince or princess (or in our case dragon) into a world adventure and lore, fantasy and history.

We had a great time enjoying the Amazing castle exhibit!!!

Though one of my favorite moments came as we drove into Atlanta, on I-85, and Xander exclaimed "Mommy - I see the castles!!!"

Those castles....the Atlanta skyline....the skyscrapers and big buildings!

See all our pictures at:


Sunday Morning....

Completed Star Wars project
Working on our new crayola Star Wars "Re Coloritz" kit - thank you Ms. Jiggy for letting Mommy win a coupon at scrappy night - we love our new art kit!

Helping out in the kitchen
Dreaming of Disney - we all want to go back SOOOOOO bad............we had the best trip ever! Having a little Mickey mouse pancakes....

Puppy Party

Decked out for the party - black newsboy cap, Darth Vader t-shirt and we couldn't leave home without the black blazer (even though it was POURING down rain and Mommy suggested the superman raincoat might be a better choice.....)
Making a collar for our new puppy dog "Ben 10" - Xander strung the beads onto the collar
Introducing Ben 10 - our new puppy!
Stuffing Ben 10 with smiles, kisses and love

Friday, March 27, 2009

We Are So Proud of Tommy!

Tommy won the Guitar Hero Wii contest at school
Our Wii remote trophy - we are so proud.....
Oh, by the way, he also won Teacher of the Month!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

Bendaroos Family Night

The newest craze in our house (thanks to wiki sticks at Zaxby's) is Bendaroos - if you haven't played with them - check out this video:


Don't worry - you don't have to stay up late watching infomercials - you can find them at Toys R Us and Walgreens and online!

We spent a whole evening - bending and creating!

Our favorite practical use of the bendaroos are to work on sight words and numbers. This week we reviewed Xander's phone number and his sight words from the fall! Usually Xander makes one letter, I make the others, and then he has to guess the word! Sometimes he likes to make all the letters (his favorite sight word right now is all!).

Go MuckDogs!!!!!!

Running to 3rd - where Daddy was coaching!
Up to bat
On deck
In the dugout
Playing outfield

Go MuckDogs!!!!

Daisy Girl Scouts

This week at Scouts we painted - and did side walk chalk - too beautiful outside to have our meeting anywhere else!

We played this new game which was loved by all:

What Time is it Mrs. Wolf
An old favorite

It stands at one end of the playing area. The rest at the other end. One location is designated safe. The group calls out "What time is it Mrs. Wolf?" and It (the wolf) says a time, i.e. 3 o'clock. The group take three giant steps forward. This continues until the group is close to the wolf. When the group says "what time is it" the wolf will answer, "time for dinner", that is the cue for the group to run to the safe place, the wolf tries to catch someone. Whoever is caught becomes the new wolf.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Early Release Days

Let's just say with six kids under the age of seven at my home this week, I am grateful for bright sunny weather during this early release week!