Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana

Happy Birthday Nana!

Big Boy Gets a New Room

I remember it like it was yesterday - only it wasn't, it was eight years ago.

I took a weekend trip to visit my friend Jennifer in Alabama - her new home. I was HUGE pregnant. It is affectionately remembered as the "eating trip." My friend April drove us there and we stopped at every gas station from here to there in search of the right salty snack, or a sweet candy treat, or an icee. Then, in Alabama there was frozen yogurt and Chick Fil A cool wraps. A trip of cravings.

While I was away, Tommy and my family painted the room that was to be the nursery. The walls went from white to light blue. And, the John Lennon Carters nursery print that I had picked out went from darling comforters to characters on the wall.

Uncle Brian painted a squirrel.

Daddy made this tree, that later became our own growth chart - with handprints each year to measure their heights.
There was the giraffe - and the bugs that Aunt Ashleigh, Aunt Nikki and both the Nana's helped to stamp in glow in the dark paint all over the room.
The elephant that was by my rocker where I nursed each of the kids at ungodly hours of the night.
And, my favorite - the story time tree that says "Love Daddy" etched in black ink in a heart.

I watched the nursery transform via internet pictures. No paint fumes anywhere near this pregnant mama - nope, the daddy sent me across state lines to be sure. Such a worry wart he is!

When Xander turned four he started to ask us to re-do his room - into a big boy room. The crib and toddler bed had been long gone by then. I said "sure, we'll do a superman room!"

But, I just couldn't. Couldn't bear to paint over these walls. Couldn't bear to accept that my baby was growing up. Just couldn't.

Now, two years since then, I just couldn't tell him no. Again.

So, big boy superman room here we come.

I will confess I could barely stand to watch the transformation without sobbing. I threw myself into buying new sheets, hunting down frames for comic books, anything but standing in the midst of the room..........watching.

But, now that the project is complete and the room really shouts "Xander" - I can't imagine it looking any other way.

His deks - complete with his own art work hanging above it.
His bed - vintage superman sheets, a superman pillow with his name on it, and his daddy's old comic books framed and hung on the walls.
The happiest little boy ever.
And, to watch over him when he sleeps (slight chuckle for those who know Xman's sleeping habits) - Superman himself - or at least the pinata version!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Xman's Random Acts of Kindness

We had such a good time completing random acts of kindness for my birthday and again for Mikaela's birthday that we continued our tradition for Xman's birthday this year.

For Xman's birthday we completed one act of kindness a day for six days - yeah, sort of a twist on our theme! I felt like he would benefit more from really focusing on one act at a time.

Xman's Six Random Acts of Kindness:

1 - We donated a book bag (of his choice that he was willling to part with) filled with new school supplies for the foster kids of our county for back to school.

2 - We gathered some of his Transformers items, as well as some outgrown pajamas for a little boy we love who doesn't have as many things as he does. We also went shopping together and bought new shorts and t-shirts for him to have.

3 - We froze a water bottle and put it out in the late morning (about half an hour before the mail man came) for our mail man on a particularly hot day the week of his birthday. Tommy happened to pass the mailman on his way back in from an errand and commented that he was drinking a water bottle!

4 - On Xman's actual birthday while tubing he and I said a full kind sentence to every one we passed. We also stopped and helped all the stuck people! As in many of our outings, we were all focused on helping Xman bless those around us and he was blessed. While wandering through a toy store, Xman struck up a conversation with the owner. He listened intently while the older gentleman described how he made the toys in the shop. He took time to teach Xman how to use several of the toys, and even gave him a wooden toy as a birthday gift. I am grateful that we are teaching the children that often time is a valuable gift - taking the time to linger and really listen to someone can bless their day.

5 - We made a donation to the food pantry at our church. I think this one is one of my favorites as I want the children to see how we can give out of our blessings.

6 - We picked up trash in our church parking lot the week of his birthday. We model that we never step on or over trash - we always pick it up. But this week we went a little further in seeking out trash.

I am so proud of Xman for choosing to give so freely - of his joyful spirit, of his things, and of his time!