Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More First Day!

Check out Mikaela sitting in her chair in her classroom - getting ready to do her morning work!

First Day of School!

Today was our first day of school. We were all very excited (did I mention that the Mommy was very excited?).

Mikaela was the first one to be dropped off. We walked her into her classroom, found her name on her table, and got her started on her seat work. Classwork the first day? Kindergarten is serious business!

Xander and I went to his class next. We paused briefly at the doorway. Uh oh thought the mommy. He looked up and said "Mommy can you ask Ms.Ginger something?" Mommy said sure (even though Ms.Ginger was standing right there). He said "Ask Ms.Ginger if we are going outside." So, the mommy asked. Ms.Ginger assured him come rain or shine, they were going outside! It might be sidewalk chalk under the awning at carpool or the playground.

Xander walked right into class - what a big boy!

Each child in kindergarten was given a wallet today. If they stay on green (make good choices and behave), then they earn a penny! On Friday if they have been good every day, they get two pennies. They can either save their pennies and trade for a nickel, or spend them at the money store. She was very excited that she earned a penny at school today!

In the 3 year old class, they must stay on green to earn a sticker. 3 stickers buys you a trip to the treasure box. A sticker was earned by all today (though Ms.Ginger said that tomorrow she would be "cracking down!")

All in all, a great first day!

Back To School Dinner Out!

We celebrated back to school the Saturday before our first day of school by having dinner out at Applebees (table service the kids call it!). We had a great time brainstorming about all the new things that might happen in the 3 year old class and in kindergarten!

We finished dinner with a yummy brownie and ice cream (a true treat for a $1 if you haven't had one!).

Open House!

On Thursday, August 23rd we went to Open House at School. We had already met our teachers (when they came for their home visit) but we were eager to see our new classrooms!

Mikaela's kindergarten class has 14 students, two teachers. Ms.Erika (who was her 4 year old teacher last year) and Ms.Richie (her aide). In her class, there are 7 children who were in her class last year. 5 children who were in another class last year (and a few of those were in her 3 year old class). There are 2 children who are new to the school.

Xander's class also has 14 children. Ms.Ginger is his teacher, Ms.Ruth is her aide. Xander's best buddy from last year is in his class, Mason. Xander's best "girl friend" from last year is in his class too, Ashlyn. Twins Wes and Will from Gymboree are in his class. There are a few other students from Ms.Robyn's 2 year old class last year, and a mixture of students from other classes with those new to the school.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gymboree Final Days

We have enjoyed the last two years at our local Gymboree Play Center. The children have both taken music classes, art classes, play gym classes, as well just gone to act crazy on the padded floors!

In music they love to be an orchestra, each choosing an instrument and playing loudly! They like to dance - Ms. Stephanie always a new twist to an old song. Every three weeks we were exposed to a new genre of music. We ended with our last lesson today with country music (we agreed that the last theme of surf music was much more fun!). They have become more comfortable speaking in front of others with Ms.Sonya's fun microphone games.

In art, Ms. Julie is our most favorite! She has that firm mommy love going on! She is always adding a new twist to art making each project something we adore. We like the tactile table - "its tactile time, its tactile time" - each week there is something new for us to touch and explore. We love that art opens with a free art activity - we can do playdough, paint, or explore a medium at our own pace.

This summer we were blessed with Ms.Julie for Gymboree camp as well. Mommy dropped us off (yeah mommy) for 1 hour and 45 minutes of gymbo fun. We did art, we played, we had snack, we listened to stories, basically - we had a blast!

Play gym ranks high as one of our most favorite activities. Each week we enjoy the new set up of the equipment, the new theme of pretend. Ms.Michele always has cool stuff in her "what's in my big blue bag" game.

We have loved our teachers - some have come and gone, others have remained our whole time.

As the children go off to school this year, and venture into new extra curricular activities (Xander will play soccer, Mikaela will do ballet and girl scouts) it is time for us to say goodbye to Gymboree, for now.

Homework - Already?

We are eagerly preparing for back to school at our house. Okay - so truthfully, mommy is very eager, Mikaela is a little excited and Xander is a little apprehensive.

Xander isn't sold that the new teacher will be as fabulous as the old one. Mommy is!

Our teachers came for home visits to meet us, and see where we live last week.

Mikaela has Ms.Erika again - we are so thrilled! Her new aide is Ms.Richie (who was a kindergarten aide last year - she knows all the ropes!).

Xander has Ms.Ginger. His aide is Ms.Ruth.

We already have homework! We have been busy working on finishing it up to turn in at open house.

Xander had three assignments - decorate his school folder, create a banner with all the people/things he loves, and complete a book about himself. He has been busy with his scissors and glue stick. He has really enjoyed putting the stickers on - all by himself!

Mikaela had one book to complete about herself. She has done all her writing all by herself! Even "Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses" - now that's a long phrase! She used pictures and stickers to tell a little more about herself as well.

Wish us luck on our new school year!

Friday, August 17, 2007


The days of leisurely time at home are quickly creeping to an end! As Mikaela marches off to kindergarten this year, it will be the end of our pajama Fridays. For the last five years, each Friday we have hung out at home all morning - in our pajamas. We enjoy a leisurely breakfast. We spend our day playing dress up, enjoying centers downstairs, or building tents with our couch cushions.

We have pizza for lunch, followed by a movie and dessert. Next comes two stories, and then we all rest for our mornings can be exhausting!

I will be sad to see our pajama Fridays come to an end. While I know I must accept that she is growing (sniff, sniff), I do so with great hesitation!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Jaden Comes to Visit!

Nikki and Bradley brought Jaden to visit us yesterday. She is 9 months old already! We couldn't believe how much she has grown.

She has one tooth - and still drools all the time. She is crawling fast now. Aunt Michele has to vacuum better as she found every tiny thing off the carpet to eat! We go to feed her dinner and hang out and play with her.

She is pulling up on everything.

We enjoyed her visit:).

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rock n Roll in our Living Room

We have rock n roll celebrations in our living room every day! Xander and Elizabeth had a wild performance for us! They played guitar and sang into their microphones (use your imagination - see those broomsticks?)!

Mikaela and Eliot were an amazing audience!

The Dentist

We went for our back to school trip to the dentist- don't we look cool in our sunglasses?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rock n Roll Party

We celebrated Xander's party with his closest friends at JumpZone in Loganville on Saturday. What a blast!!!

We had a rock n roll theme (what else?). Xander chose Wiggles plates, Wiggles party favors, and a blow up electric guitar and microphone.

The Nana was kind enough to bake us an acoustic guitar - the coolest cake ever!

The Rock n Roll fest was attended by: Mikaela, Xander, Cooper, Wyatt, Elizabeth, Eliot, Mason, Ashlyn, Sarah, Anna, and Tanner.

For party favors, each guest received a homemade CD of Xander's favorite songs (including two of his own covers!).