Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Getaway

our hotel
the view from our hotel
more view from our hotel
Tommy at Vinnie Van Go Gos
in line at Lady and Sons
Tybee Island

The first ocean water my toes have felt this year
The Crab Shack
The hunt for the perfect sunglasses is over.

Tommy and I left the kids with Nana and Papa (more about thier adventures in another post) - and headed to Savannah, Georgia for the weekend. I had just read in the AJC the week before that Savannah was voted Most Mannerly city (http://www.usatoday.com/travel/destinations/2009-05-21-savannah-most-mannerly_N.htm) - it couldn't be more true.

Since I had never made a trip to Savannah where the river and the beer weren't green - it seemed like a great summer weekend get away.

Our trip was already off to a great start before we ever pulled out thanks to www.priceline.com. We landed an AWESOME hotel at more than 50% off the rack rate - yeah!!! We made reservations for the Savannah Mariott Riverfront:


Never have I been more excited about checking the "0" in the "how many children" box before!

Mini van packed and ipod charged - we headed out on Friday morning. Ipods have truly changed our travel life - no more Tommy flipping through the radio stations a TRILLION times and no more loosing a good radio station in route.

We listened to a little Zac Brown Chicken Fried (http://www.cmt.com/videos/zac-brown-band/255924/chicken-fried-live.jhtml) as we passed cows in towns that we didn't know existed going down 15.

Or a little Mighty Mighty Bosstones (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7A8Mkg1qYQ) for those long streches of highway 16.

While I agreed to have no master game plan - and just wander spontaenously like vacations from the past........I did bring along a list of recommended restaruants - a girl has to eat!

We had pizza at Vinnie Van Go Gos (http://www.vinnievangogos.com/)- eccletic little hang out with lots of SCAD students - if you don't have enough worries about what your children might do to their bodies, or wear, or who they might date - then have lunch there! The pizza was awesome - reminded me of Rocky's in Athens where we ate many times in college.

Then we napped.

Friday night we hung out on River Street - first Friday of the month, so we were treated to fireworks. We wandered in and out of bars - got to love Savannah's open ness to open containers!

Saturday we wandered downtown and waited in line to eat at Lady and Sons - Paula Deen's restaruant. Actually - we waited in line for the opportunity to wait in line at dinner that evening to eat! You must arrive before 9:30 - get in line and hope you get a reservation for lunch/dinner later that day.

We had breakfast in a lovely cafe (http://www.expresscafeandbakery.com/)- so many choices! Then headed out to Tybee Island to wander around. Lunch at The Crab Shack (http://www.thecrabshack.com/)- a must for any Jimmy Buffett fan, or sea food fan, or ....anyone! The food was yummy - the atmosphere and people were awesome. Tommy was excited to feed the baby alligators.

Then we napped.

Saturday night we had dinner at Lady and Sons (http://theladyandsons.com/). We both had the buffet (but next time - I am definitely having the chicken pot pie - it looked so good!). I decided in my next life time, I am going to be the "ho cake girl" at Lady and Sons. Everyone was always excited to see ho cake girl - just when your little appetizer plate was empty, there she was with fresh hot ho cakes - as many as you wanted. YUMMY (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/hoecakes-recipe/index.html). Better yet - Tommy actually said he likes mine better than Paula Deen's recipe. Never has anyone liked anything I cook better than someone who cooks on TV - Im just saying.

Then we out on River Street again. I can assure you that there is no better people watching than that from River Street. There are a wide variety of street performers - from brazilian ju jit su fighters by day turned dancer at night to a band that will never perform at the Grand Ol' Opry....never.

Wet Willies is probably my favorite stop for drinks - gotta love those frozen girly drinks that come right out of the wall (http://www.wetwillies.com/bar.cfm?wizard=1&CFID=1747912&CFTOKEN=ded838877645c2f4-C66C1A2B-DD6A-7D9A-DA3AC7FE5948B65B).

Word of advice - no drinks called "call a cab" unless you are childfree for 48 hours.....just suggesting it might take a while to recover from that one.

Sunday morning we slept in and then meandered back home via the Locust Grove outlet malls.

I already miss the sweet tea - a sweet tea isn't just a beverage in Savannah - it's a work of art. A lot of ice, tea so sweet you can barely drink it, lemon is a must - and a beautiful sprig of mint on top - ............when can we go back?

Chuck E Cheese

You all know that I can't resist a good bargain - or an invitation to a good time!

Last week we were invited to Chuck E Cheese in Conyers to go on a playdate with a few friends. We loaded up our Chuck E Cheese refillable cups, some snacks and a few token coupons.

I know a lot of you mommas (and daddies) can't stand the place - but it is always a good time for us - friends to play with for the kids, mommas to chat with me for me, and so much to do that no one stands next to me asking 50 questions the whole time.......what more could we need?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Twister Fun

Swim Lessons

Swim Time

After swimming - all wore out!
Xander can not touch - he was totally freaked out upon our first pool trip - he clung to Tommy the ENTIRE time in the pool!
Mikaela swimming
We're ready!

The Great Pool Adventure 2009

It's taller than me!
X-man at the new pool site!
Dinner by the pool
Step 3 - where do all these poles go? You would think we would be pros at this by now?
Playing in the 1/2 ton of sand in the back of Daddy's truck

The great pool adventure has become the hallmark of the beginning of a Thrailkill Family Summer........it just is.

I am sure that you are all excited to hear that our swimming pool went up in one - yes ONE try this year. And after a good rain twice - is still holding firm!

I won't mention that the new pool site is the original one that I chose before someone else decided that it wasn't the best spot (thus the shady freezing pool experience of 2008).

Tommy began by bringing in 4 tons of sand - yes, 4 tons!!!! One ton is two pick up truck loads - if that gives you a visual aid!

Then, down went the tarp - and then an additional land cover.

Next - up went the pool -with the metal posts on stones to stabilize them.

Let summer begin!


Xander's end of year gift - Cyborg (a superhero!)

Mikaela's end of year gift - Littlest Pet Shop dog that you decorate (thank you post Easter clearance!)
Mikaela and her daddy - nothing sweeter!

When your parents are teachers, and thus the whole family's life revolves around the school calendar.......the last day of school is something to be celebrated!!!

Even before the kids, Tommy and I always treated ourselves to dinner out on the last day of school. As the kids have grown and entered school themselves, the tradition continues.

We ate dinner at Longhorn (sign up on their website and within a week recieve a email for the free appetizer - yummy!).

Schools Out for Summer!

Last day of school sillies
Brittany - Maggie - Mikaela
Mikaela and Mrs. Herrick
More last day sillies
Yearbook Signing
The first grade teachers as Educational Ho Down
Second grade teachers as teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
Walnut Grove Idol Judges - our own version of Randy, Paula and Simon
Ms. Betty - own version of Ryan Seacrest!
Mikaela and Xander at WGES - last day of school

Xander's First MP3 player

Xander's Favorite Song List

We will Rock You (Queen)

Spiderman Theme Song (Michael Buble)

I don't think about it (Emily Osmet)

Hoedown (Hannah Montana)

We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

Watching You (Rodney Atkins)

The kid is a music enthusiast - has been since he was born! We gave him his first CD player before his second birthday.

As he approaches his 5th birthday (and has exhausted all used CD players in our home and the homes of family members!) - it was time for his own MP3 player.

He hasn't taken it off since..........