Monday, January 19, 2009

Daisies "Be a Reader"

Our daisy troop is working on their "Be a Reader" patch this month. We have talked about different kinds of books, what makes a good story, wrote our own stories, and shared our favorite books.

Last week we had a guest speaker - Mikaela's Daddy! come speak to us. He shared with us an oral story:

And then he read his very own picture book to us (published by him in college for a class) titled "The Shelter and the Elves."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Fun

We had the best time playing games over the holiday break!

The pictures are of the kids playing our new Dr. Seuss Game - Horton Gives a Who!

You put on the Horton mask - run to where the clovers are hidden and have to use Horton's nose to pick up the clovers!

We also enjoyed Clue Jr., Connect 4, Camp Rock CD Game, Battleship, and many others over our break.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hey X-Man,

Hey X-Man, January 1, 2009

What can I say? 2008 has left us and we are now full throttle into 2009. You have provided your mother and me with some fantastic memories from this past year.

You are most definitely the best dressed kid at Pre-K. You are very passionate about making sure that your shirt is “fancy” and is tucked in at all times. You have your teachers in awe as you strut around the campus in your cool Newsboy Caps, and recently you’re insisting on wearing your blazer everywhere and are begging me to get you a tie.

I’m also very pleased with how much you enjoy listening to stories. We are now reading chapter books before bedtime and you do an excellent job of keeping up with the action. My favorite activity is a new one from this past year where we read a chapter book and then go see the movie. This is something that I’ve enjoyed doing for a very long time, and I am thrilled that we can now share in this.

I know these activities with books will serve you well as you continue to learn more sight words and grasp how phonics helps you with reading. Before you know it, you will be reading books all by yourself.

On the athletic side of things, you are showing more and more interest in wrestling and martial arts. I hope this continues, because these two sports did a wonder in shaping my life and I hope that we can share in these activities as a whole family. I think that you will enjoy learning about wrestling and martial arts, as well as grow an appreciation to the type of person they help you to become.

We did a lot of things together this past year. We have read and learned new things, as well as traveled to Disney World. I can’t wait to see what 2009 has waiting for us, especially because I know that we will be experiencing this next year together as a family.

I love you,


Dear Mikaela Grace,

Dear Mikaela Grace, January 1, 2009

We have now entered 2009, leaving behind all measurable characteristics of 2008. And while our calendars and clocks are now venturing into a new year, the memories from 2008 are still, and will always, remain vivid in my mind.

Let’s begin with your accomplishment that reigns supreme in my mind-your reading and writing skills. I am so very happy that you love to read like your mother and me. I can’t believe how quickly you seemed to have grasped the art of stories. You have a real grasp for how characters are involved with the plot. You are even getting to be a very good story teller of your own. When I tuck you in at night, we have discussions on how the protagonist needs a better challenge in the plot. I love these talks with you.

While your mother is an avid reader, she is most proud of your accomplishments in math. Even Mrs. Herrick, your first grade teacher, has commented on how you can easily understand new mathematical concepts. This usually transpires into the games you play. You will develop a show and then calculate how many tickets you need to sell and at what price people will pay. You are really using your head.

I have also enjoyed all of the fun games we’ve played over the last year. You became very interested in checkers for a time, and we’ve just begun playing Clue and Battleship. I enjoy this time together as well because we can just hang-out and talk.

Let us not forget how quickly you are growing up. Your favorite thing to do is put on make-up and fancy clothes. You always look so sophisticated with your nails done and your lip gloss, especially now that your ears are pierced. This will come in handy as you pursue your chosen career path of Rock-Star/Teacher/Writer.

We’ve had such a wonderful 2008 together, and I can’t wait to see what 2009 will bring us.

I love you,