Saturday, April 28, 2007

Art Class

After gym, we move on over to art class. Each art class has a free art activity, two structured art activities, a tactile table activity, and a closing free play activity. Today the kids did free painting. Mikaela painted a girl with a bow in her hair. Xander painted a face. Next the theme was springy. The kids made flowers and learned about how bees pollinate the flowers. Then they made bees. At tactile time we played with pegs and pegboards. The class closed with the exploding volcano. Each of them got to sprinkle magic lava dust and make the volcano explode!

Gymbo Fun

The kids love Gymboree. Our Saturday mornings begin with a trip to the QuickTrip - coffee for mommy, orange juice slushies for Mikaela and Xander. We then head off to Gymboree. Xander and Mikaela take a gym class - they love it! Each week is a new theme. Today was postal day - they got to be letter carriers. They delivered mail, rode in the pretend mail truck, shipped packages, and got weighed on the postal scale.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look out.......It's SuperBoy

Watch out's SuperBoy!!! Xander loves his new under-roos set - Superman big boy underwear. Don't forget the cool matching tank top.

Yes - we are jumping two feet into potty training. Xander loves public bathrooms - he potty's regularly at cool places like Stone Mountain, Gymboree, or church.

It's on the home front that we have to focus him!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well....our first trip to the ER was not with Xander. Who would have thought? Mikaela was hit with a swing on the playground at school this week. The swing hit her just hard enough, in just the right spot, to split her head open. Just a tiny gash - but a gash nonetheless. She was so brave! We took her to the Emergency room where they promptly (prompt for Monroe at least) stapled her head shut.

This special courage was rewarded with a 85 cent trip to the vending machine - if only the ER doctor could be bought for so little!!!!!

The staple stays in for ten days - and then our regular pediatrician will remove it for us!

Our favorite thing these days is to cruise around the backyard on riding toys! We are also enjoying our new swing set that Daddy built us. The Thrailkill family spent all of spring break building the swing set. Daddy did most of the building. Mommy did the holding. Aunt Nikki helped with the keeping stuff still. Xander and Mikaela did the parts running - and the distracting! It was great to spend so much time together and to have such an awesome finished project in the back yard!


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