Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Family Game Night

Family Game night - a little Yahtzee, a little peanut butter and jelly card game

What fun - check out that cool fly that came with the card game!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday School Class Picnic

Our Sunday school class had its first picnic on Sunday afternoon at Lenora Park. We all had a great time!

Skate Day

Two helmets - check

Two pairs of elbow pads - check

Two pairs of knee pads - check

Two pairs of "new to us" skates - check

One nervous Mommy and Daddy - check!

Mikaela hosts a bridal shower

Mikaela hosted a bridal shower for her Aunt Ashleigh - she can't wait to be a flower girl!


We spent our last Wednesday of spring break at Stone Mountain Park. We have truly enjoyed our membership there this year (thank you again BearPa for the great Christmas gift last year).

The spring break theme this year was Monster Trucks - WOW!

We started our day with a round of putt putt golf - Mikaela's favorite. The kids are getting a little better. Most of our balls stayed on the green:).

Then we headed to have a snack and listen to a story. Daddy must be a stage magnet - because he was chosen to help out the storyteller. He got to do crazy hand motions while she sang a cute song.

Snacked and rested, we headed to meet the Veggie Tales (Larry and Bob). After having our picture made, we did a few crafts and watched a Larryboy movie (one we had never seen - how fun!).

Next, it was time to check out those Monster Trucks. We took pictures in front of each one. Daddy liked the Ozzy one, while Xander's favorite was the one that looked like Sissy's birthday flag.

We paused for a picnic lunch. Nothing like a little peanut butter sandwich and chips to refuel.

The 4-D monster truck movie was next on our list. Very fun. A lot shorter than some of the others. But what could be more fun than splattering mud and shaking seats?

We participated in a sing along, rode the train, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

All in all, a great day!

Xander Plays Soccer

Karoke Night

What luck we have! We found the High School Musical karoke game for the Playstation at our local used video game store.

All the kids (Tommy included) have had the best time!

The better you sing a song, the more points you recieve.

You can use your points to open/unlock new songs.

The team worked really hard to unlock Mikaela's favorite song (which was very expensive) - "Fabulous"

If it is not your turn, the vacuum cleaner makes a great microphone!

Perhaps the next American Idol lives in our house -

Xander Plays Soccer

Xander is playing Indoor Soccer at Creekside this winter/spring.

He is having a great time. We are all impressed with how far he has come. Mostly Daddy and Xander go to Kickeroos soccer together. During spring break, mommy had the privilege of taking Xander to soccer!

Happy 6th Birthday Clay

We celebrated Mikaela's friend Clay's birthday at Chuck E Cheese.

As you all know, definitely one of our family's favorite places to go!

Clay was in Mikaela's 3 year old class, 4 year old class, and now kindergarten class at school.

He had a Monster Truck party - complete with a monster truck cake (blue cake, with graham cracker dirt on top) - very cool!