Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Time to Rehearse!

Today we ventured to our recital rehearsal!

Let the count down continue - one more week until our .........RECITAL!!!!!

Ms. Rachel taught us to play go fish with a deck of card while we waited for our turn on stage - good thinking Ms.Rachel!!!!


We were so excited that Nana gave the kids their birthday present early so they could try it out on family night!

For Mikaela's birthday this year, we are having none other than a "GIRLS ROCK" party - complete with rock star dress up, home made rock star videos and a few surprises!

At her party, we will be using their new gift - a rock star stage.

We just HAD to blow it up and make sure it worked.

Daddy just HAD to pull out his Guitar Hero guitar and participate.

The kids just HAD to sing their new favorite "Rock n Roll All Nite" by Kiss!

We just HAD to have the best time together!

Daisies Scrapbook

We had our final meeting today (we will meet one more time to celebrate the end of the year with a cook out).

At our meeting, each girl had a set of pictures that I had printed from our year together.

We supplied them with paper, scissors, glue sticks, tape runners, stickers, and assorted accessories - and they were off!

For our full hour, they diligently worked on their scrapbook pages!

Xander's Soccer Season is Over

Just a few pictures of Xander's last soccer practice.

His goal for this season was to run and kick the ball at the same time - he is so awesome! I hope you all get a chance to see him in action.

The Newest Gardeners!

Mikaela and Xander are fascinated with watching things grow.

Daddy bought them a plastic pool at Walmart, drilled drainage holes in the bottom - and voila: A GARDEN!

The kids shoveled top soil, planted seeds and are daily watering their plants.

Watch and See!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mikaela's First Sprapbooking Day!

Ahhh, my favorite mommy only hobby has now been introduced to Mikaela.

Mikaela and I went on our first crop together.

She and her friend Abigail got to sit at the table just for kids and make their own scrapbooks. She had the best time!

Xander Meets Elmo

Xander and I spent our date day at the Learning Express store in Snellville where we got to meet .............ELMO!

Xander gave him a high five, low five and a wave good-bye.

We got to make a craft project (a picture frame for daddy).

We also picked out one summer toy for him and his sister. Since I am the current ref, I insisted the gifts be matching:)

Xander picked garden kits for them both. The store was kind enough to personalize them differently - frogs and lily pads and bugs with Xander's name on his, and butterflies, flowers and pretty bugs with Mikaela's name on hers.


Xander is now fascinated with Superman. For those who have met the daddy - you're not surprised. It was inevitable!

Tommy has been superman every year for Halloween as long as I have known him. A teenager at our church who was a student in a second grade class that Tommy did a practicum in many years ago - still remembers him for his superman/Clark Kent costume!

Xander got new Superman pajamas - complete with the long superman cape!

Sneak Peek at the Costume:)!!!!

Picture Day -

Otherwise known as Sneak Peek at the Costume!

Daisies Have a Tea Party!

In our meeting today, we learned about another culture - Japanese.

We talked about where Japan is, what the people look like, where they go to school and what is important in the Japanese culture.

Then we learned about one of the most fun things in the Japanese culture - a tea ceremony!

We had our own Japanese tea ceremony - complete with tea (we cheated a little as we had southern sweet tea instead of green tea) and rice cakes (sort of like rice.......).

The girls each brought their favorite doll/stuffed animal to participate in our ceremony. Mikaela chose to bring Toni (her new American Girl doll) and Xander brought Ele (who would have guessed!).

Daisies are respectful of others

For our daisy meeting this week, we all cut out pictures of things that we liked. We talked about the pictures - how many of us liked the same things!

We took those pictures, placed them in a shoebox and each picked different wrapping paper to wrap our boxes.

I was amazed at how each of our girls (and our stem, Xander) worked so hard to make their package look great.

We then shared our shoeboxes - how each one looked different on the outside, but we knew that they were similar on the inside. Just like people!

We talked about how even though a new student or neighbor might look different than us, he/she might be just like us on the inside. We have to talk to them and be friendly so we can learn about them.