Saturday, September 13, 2008

Xander's Rock n Roll Music

His new rocker voice in his latest live living room performance!

The toe tapping really cracks me up

Horse Show

We spent the mid morning at the local tractor supply store (jealous all you city folks?) -

Mikaela loved the bunny rabbits (even I had to smile at the two week old bunnies in a pack n play!)

Xander loved riding the horse.

Sweet Sound

The only time the sound of a baby is sweet is a) when the baby is not yours AND b) the baby is only days old.

Pirate Xander

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun Friday

Xander loves to dress up!

His newest fascination is that he wants to be just like Daddy.

All Xander wants to be is.....DADDY

Is that the best dress up goal ever?!

(we won't tell him that daddy adorns a tie three times a year - one obligatory wedding, open house at the middle school, and usually one special day at church!)

Introducing ...... John "Xavier" Janes

The Thrailkill family is excited to announce the addition of our newest nephew, John "Xavier" Janes!

Xavier was born on Wednesday at 10:48 PM. He weighed 8 lbs 4 ounces and was 19 1/4 inches long.

Mom (Nikki) and dad (Bradley) and big sister (Jaden) are all good!

Day Out with Mommy

On our quest to give Tommy more time to rest, and mommy less time trapped in our home with squabbling siblings - we headed to Gainesville for the day.

Since it is a CRIME to pass a Krispie Kreme donut shop with the HOT sign on, and not stop - we of course did want to violate any laws, and pulled in.

The kids love to wear the hats, watch the donuts be made, and pick their favorite out of the case.

Xander chose a football donut (it was a UGA home game day) and Mikaela picked a chocolate glazed donut.

Me - I'm the girl that needs the kreme filled glazed:).

With full tummies, we headed to INK - Interactive Neighborhood for Kids

The children played, mommy drank cokes and read magazines....did I mention the children played happily - all day - 6 whole hours?

AARRGGGHHH - Pirate Night!

Friday night was Pirate Night at Chick Fil A - definitely right up our alley!

Mommy loves FREE meals.

Xander loves to dress up like a pirate.

Mikaela loves any opportunity to leave the house with triple the necessary accessories and make up!

We had a great time - the kids made eye patches, treasure chests, telescopes and colored pirate pictures.

We were even visited by the cow - dressed up in his pirate gear too!

Time for Pre-K!!!

It's finally time for pre-k

It's finally time for pre-k

It's finally time for pre-k

Guess who is the first one at school - armed with adorable children, well packed back packs, school supplies and her camera?

The first day went great!

No tears - okay, we all knew that I wasn't going to be crying about leaving my fabulous busy musician in the hands of some one else for three whole hours. But, much to my amazement, and for the first year ever, Xander did not cry for me.

Maybe I should cry about that?

I will just say a prayer of praise for Ms. Sharon - and her passion for frogs (since Xander's love to tree frogs is what made him think that he was made for the room with the frogs on the door!)

What else can Mommy come up with?

The days seem very LONG with sissy off at big school - and preschool still another week away.

There is more dress up.

There is more painting.

Can there be more napping please? Mommy is tired from all this creativity!

Xander's Days

With sissy off to school, and a few weeks before preschool begins, Xander has a lot of time on his hands.

Xander's favorite activity is to play dress up. Some days he is Superman flying across our living room off to rescue Barbie. Other days he is Incredible Hulk - roaring and chasing away the bad robbers. Still other days, he tries the tried and true professions - policeman, fireman, knight in shining armor, prince charming, frog prince, ninja....and the list goes on and on!