Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Xman

To my Bubbe,

Wow - Where does time go? You are growing up so fast!

This year you went to Bright Beginnings Preschool for kindergarten. Your teachers were Mrs. Richey and Mrs. Ginn. You struggled at the beginning of this school year with all the responsibilities of a big kindergartener, but you and I worked hard together and you ended up loving kindergarten. You enjoyed all your friends - football throwing at recess, silly bandz trading with friends, and telling each other funny jokes and stories. You looked so grown up each week practicing for your spelling tests.

This fall you played football for the first time. I have to say - you nor I loved it. You liked your coach (Coach Mook) and your new football friends. You played lineman for the Falcons. You worked hard practicing and at games.

This winter you wrestled with daddy at his school for the first time. You were officially a Walnut Grove Warrior - complete with an end of the season certificate. You LOVED going with daddy - and only talked wrestling for months.

In the spring you played baseball for the second time. Man, do you love baseball. You played on the 5 - 6 Blue Jays. You love going to real baseball games. You went to the Gwinnett Braves and the Atlanta Braves this year. You also went to a Wilmington Sharks game when we visited Nana Barbara. You always sit through all 9 innings - you don't want to miss a minute!

You start each day watching Sportscenter. You want to know what happens on all the baseball games that come on after you go to bed!

This year you and I went each week for a while to work with Ms. Marni at UGA. She taught us how to help you with your worries. You are such an old soul in that little 5 year old body! It was tough for both of us - but man, I was proud of you for all your hard work. You are so much stronger and less anxious.

You love to play the Wii (video games). Your favorite is Major League baseball. You also love Wii Sports and Super Mario. You enjoy puzzles and board games.

This year you became a READER! I was so excited for you. You love to read old Dick and Jane books - those are definitely your favorite. You also like Dr. Seuss and Mercer Mayer. Once you've read a book, you don't ever want to read it again. You are reading signs and information everywhere we go. At Walmart you can't figure out why they say "Everything's Less" when not everything is really on sale - you are so adamant that they are lying!

You have the sweetest, kindest heart. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing you say "I love you Mommy" which you still do many times a day. You have the best sense of humor! You are always making us all laugh.

Each night we talk about what we are going to do together in our dreams. You love to go to baseball games, fly in the Star Wars ships, and go new places on new adventures.

Bubbe, I love you with all my heart - to the moon in the millenium falcon!


5 years old - with your crazy Batman birthday hat

at 4, during your black blazer phase - which lasted all this year too!

at 3, Rock Star

at 2, at Gymboree playing your maracas

at 1, in your favorite gift - you LOVED that car!

my sweet baby boy - with his Ele

Monday, July 5, 2010

8 Random Acts of Kindness

We had such a great time this year celebrating my birthday that we decided to continue the tradition for Mikaela's birthday.

Mikaela and I brainstormed the week before her birthday and she chose her own 8 random acts of kindness.

1 - We started the day by dropping off a variety of home made muffins at the Loganville Fire Station. We had the privilege of giving them to ambulance drivers who were outside.

2 - Next, we headed to church. Mikaela had chosen some games to pass on to other families. We dropped off one to a special friend at church.

3 - Also, at church she chose to give a copy of her favorite book (I'd Be Your Princess) to one of the volunteers in children church who is having his first baby girl.

4 - After church we headed to Borders. Mikaela started by hiding strips of stickers as bookmarks in a variety of her favorite books.

5 - On our way out, she hid coupons for book purchases amongst the books in the entrance to Borders.

6 - Next, we were off to Chuck E Cheese. Mikaela had a certificate for 20 free tokens for her birthday. She randomly hid them all over Chuck E Cheese. This was her favorite. We sat in a booth and watched as kids would find them and get all excited. She loved watching the toddlers in toddler town find tokens and then get to use the token to ride in the cute little rides.

7 - One of the kids favorites from my birthday was giving out silly bandz. Kids LOVE to receive silly bandz. She left the house with her arm full of silly bandz, and returned home with just one left.

8 - The last one was my favorite. She chose to make a list of 10 great things about her brother and give it to him.

We had a great time - celebrating and sharing with others!