Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Rockstar Say What?

"Turn that down"
"No music in the middle of the night"
"Don't jump on your bed - even with a microphone"

These (and many other statements that I won't admit to yelling in our home) are now part of our daily life.

Our five year old has discovered.....Rock Stars. She likes the Jonas Brothers. But, her true new passion is Miley Cyrus - known to most as


Mikaela wants to be the next Hannah Montana. If you take a minute and think about it, what 5 year old wouldn't?

Hannah sings LOUD - says funny things - wears trendy clothing - has lots of accessories (have you seen the girls shoe closet?)

Sweet Nibblets - maybe that is the next job for her!

Check her out:

Happy Birthday Eliot!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Our Valentines Day began with our tradition of heart shaped breakfasts - this year the Nana brought us heart shaped (with icing and sprinkles) Krispy Kreme donuts. YUMMY!

As those of you with preschool or elementary children know, then you must make sure you have all the labeled valentines, and the special snack ready!

Mikaela's class had a "read all day pajama" day on Valentine's. No laboring decisions for this Hannah Montanna fan - her Hannah Montanna sleep shirt complete with sparkly pink leggings (boring Mommy insisted she also put on slippers - Hannah Montanna lives in California - she may not need slippers!).

Xander put on his handsome Ralph Lauren red sweater (shhhh - he doesn't know that is the same fancy Christmas sweater).

I started the day by reading to Mikaela's class. What better choice for Valentine's Day then Pinkalicous by Elizabeth Kann ( For those who haven't read this tale, it describes a little girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that she actually turns pink. A beautiful pinkerella, pinkerbelle shade of pink. All is good until one too many pink cupcakes sends her to a shade of red - no more pink. She is forced to eat healthy green things only to return to her normal self.

To balance all that pink, I also read Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy (

Pirate Pete is a greedy pirate who steals a map from the Queen and goes in search of "gold, gleaming booty." Nothing is better for a few laughs out of a kindergarten class than saying the word "booty" on every page!

After reading to Mikaela's class (so cute in their pjs and sleeping bags), I then headed over to Xander's class to help with his Valentine's centers.

One center had them sorting hearts by color, another had them finding hearts in a picture and circling them, and another had them decorating a cookie to eat at snack time. My center had them finding their valentine's. 14 students - brought 13 valentine's each. They were all spread out on the floor (some of them even had tasty candy!). My job was to help the children find their name - and put their valentines in their decorated envelope. Let's just say that I spent most of the morning saying "no, that one is not yours - do you see one that starts with an A?" Most of the kids did a great job finding theirs - and some were really tricky to read! I will brag that Xander found all of his (yes, I do know that he is the only kid in his class whose name starts with an X!).

I made the kids heart lunches - sandwiches cut out with hearts and applesauce (healthy for the heart!).

We had a girl scout meeting that afternoon. I'll save that for another post.

For dinner, we had spaghetti - not only does it go with my red Valentine theme- but everyone eats it without complaining - a requirement for Valentine's Day.

We gave the kids their Valentine's - Xander got a Superman t-shirt, a box of spiderman candy and a batman movie (see a theme developing there?). Mikaela got a Hannah Montana t-shirt, a Hannah Montana CD, and a princess candy (no Hannah Montana candy at my Walmart).

We put our new CD and danced and danced! We had the best time. Click here and you can here a clip of her theme song for those new to Hannah!

I will take a moment and brag on my dear husband. He secretly made us brownies for dessert - each one cut out in a heart shape, each one lined with red icing, and each one had our initials on it. Also, knowing how I love holidays that drag out over a few days, I received a gift called "one a day valentines." He took a box of 32 Valentines, wrote one message on each one, put them in an envelope and gave them to me. I get to open one a day for the next month. I am loving it!

Choo Choo Hat

My mom's father loves trains - more than a hobby, a true passion. Xander has affectionately named him "Grandpa Choo Choo" -

Grandpa Choo Choo sent him a hat just like the one that he wears.

He hasn't taken it off since!

Here Comes the Flower Girl......

Never did a little girl have more fun than spending a day at David's Bridal trying on flower girl dresses!

She spun around in front of all the mirrors - princesses only wear dresses with good spinning power! She insisted on trying on hair pieces and shoes too - how would she know how the ensemble would look together?

Not to be left out, her brother played air guitar and sang for all the brides. Watch out ladies - he can dance too!

Shhhh ----don't tell her that she's not the one getting married!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daisies are Considerate and Caring - Part 2

We continued this week working on our considerate and caring petal.

We practiced how to speak considerately while ordering at a restaurant. The girls took turns being the servers and customers. They had a great time putting on aprons, asking "What would you like today?" The customers practiced saying "please" and "thank you."

We also started learning a new song today "Princess Pat."

Silly - and lots of fun!!!!