Friday, May 18, 2007

Strawberry Picking

Mikaela and I went on her last field trip of the year on my birthday to the Strawberry Patch in Loganville. We had the best time! The morning began with a few games of Ring Around the Rosie while we waited for all to arrive. Our kindhearted farmer taught us all about strawberries - how they are planted, what they need to grow, and even about photosynthesis (which he assures us will be on every science test until they graduate!). Mikaela was excited to find out that strawberries are flowers before they grow. We went for a bumpy hayride to see the bee hive boxes that draw bees to help with pollination. Finally - we got to the strawberry picking! The strawberries were so sweet - okay, so we ate just a few while we picked:). We had a nice picnic in the breezy field afterwords. Callie and Clay joined us for our lunch of ham, cheese puffs and ........STRAWBERRIES!

School Days!

School is drawing to a close - bittersweet for all! The kids will miss their friends and all the fun they've had. Mommy will miss the few precious hours of solitude! We will enjoy lazier mornings, the freedom to come and go, and all the other joys of summer! Mikaela is finishing the four year old program with Ms.Erika. We are so excited that she will have her again next year for kindergarten! She has learned so much this year - from reading and writing, to adding and subtracting, to being a friend to all! Xander is finishing the two's with Ms.Robin (who is an angel from God!). Xander has learned that mommy will come back for him. He has also mastered all his shapes and colors, can point out his name (and write the first few letters), is a buddy to Mason, and loves Ms.Melody's music class. Daddy is always proud of their accomplishments and loves to see them grow and change. Mommy is also proud, but sheds a few silent tears as all my babies are growing and changing so fast!

Our Princess

I couldn't resist adding a few more photos - she is so cute! Her daddy, brother and I had the best time! We thank everyone for coming out to see the recital. We so enjoyed celebrating with all of you at our home. We are grateful to have such a wonderful family!

The Recital

Mikaela's second ballet recital was so much fun. Ms.Kathy was an amazing teacher for her second year of creative movement class. She mastered making pretty Cinderella feet, and yucky stepmother feet. Her pizza feet are some of the best I've seen! She can avoid rain puddles with a graceful leap, and can perform several other feats that her father and I can't pronounce. We are so proud of her!

Getting Ready!

Mikaela loved every moment of getting ready for her big ball! She enjoyed the long, luxurious bubble bath. The fancy up-do hair do. Wearing your fairy princess robe to your recital so as not to risk messing up your costume in your car seat. Getting to wear make up - yes real lipstick and blush!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Bath Time!!

The kids love baths! Who wouldn't enjoy the half hour of luxury? Nice fluffy bubbles, a good shampoo and wash - and great company! They like to draw in the bathtub with bath crayons. They love their new water toy where water makes pieces of the toy move in different ways - just like at the kids museum. Most of all they like to aggravate each other! She has my shovel, he touched my hair - never ending news reports!

XMan gets a haircut

Xander is on his second year of the same fancy haircuts as daddy gets. Nice chair on the front porch, cool breeze off the front yard, and a good pair of clippers! He does a great job of sitting still. Mommy still tears as his sweet blond locks fall to the floor. But the $15 a month savings dries those tears right up:).

Rock and Roll

Xander LOVES his guitar! He plays musical instruments daily. Don't worry - he has not limited his options. He plays maracas, drums, tambourine, household objects and the guitar! This week he learned "Fly Away" by Tim McGraw, "Do Right" for church choir, and wrote a few originals. We all love to see him play. His huge smile and entertaining spirit are captivating.