Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Vacation

Our Vacation photos!

Xander's Favorite Vacation Moments

  1. Listening to music in the car on our Wilmington trip
  2. Going to the waterpark - the big slide at the top of the mountain
  3. Building sand castles at the beach
  4. Sleeping in the bed - blankets were comfy
  5. Going to the beach - swimming at Wilmington with Nana Barbara
  6. Seeing the fireworks at the beach - the first one that happened was my favorite
  7. Going to Wilson's with Grandpa Rod - playing Tower of Power
  8. First monkey at the zoo that wouldn't talk to me - but he liked me - at Wilmington, North Carolina
  9. Ice Cream at POPs- mint chocolate chip - Wilmington, NC
  10. Battleship - BIG ONE - see the guns on the battleship - seeing Paul's hiney

Mikaela's Favorite Vacation Moments

  • Arboretum - Children's Garden - everything!
  • Going to the water park - the water slide (the big one!) - "I flipped back words and I went down facing the other way!"
  • The kids museum doing art - all of the art!
  • Going to the beach - swimming and building sand castles
  • Sleeping:)
  • Shopping with Nana Barbara - buying stuff
  • Going to Wilson's with Grandpa Rod - shooting the sea monsters
  • Seeing the baby monkey at the Zoo - he was eating his peanut
  • Tator Tots at Bowmans
  • Riding the water taxi - seeing everything

Mommy's Favorite Vacation Moments

  1. Watching fireworks over the ocean with the full moon
  2. Eating Britt's donuts in the rain at Fort Fisher pull off
  3. Hushpuppies at Bowmans!
  4. Seeing Xander see Paul's hiney on the battleship
  5. Taking Mikaela (and Xander) on her first water slide
  6. Jumping the waves in the ocean
  7. Laughing as Xander bonded with a monkey at the zoo
  8. Watching Nana Barbara read stories with the kids at night
  9. Grandpa Rod's coffee
  10. Finding 76 WEST with Xander singing (really - screaming) "I wanna rock n roll all night - and party everyday"

Daddy's Favorite Moments From Vacation

Watching the kids come down the water slide at Jungle Rapids
Taking Xander to the Serpertarium
Seeing Nana Barbara and Grandpa Rod and going to the beach
Watching on demand on Nana Barbara's TV
The ocean!

Hannah Montana Ballet Camp

Hannah Montana ballet camp - what could be more fun?

Ballet AND one of your favorite rock stars!!!

INK Trip

We met Mikaela's playgroup at INK museum in Gainesville

Fly Away Painted Lady

We released our last set of butterflies this summer. We had 5 - yes 5!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our First Fireworks!

Our dear friends were kind enough to invite us over to celebrate the 4th of July with a cook out and our first fireworks!

The kids had so much fun (both the little ones and the grown ones).

Tommy enjoyed many competitive games of ladder ball ( - if you don't know the rules - it is easy to catch on!

The kids rode riding toys, swam, played on the playground, .....just had good ol' kid fun!

They LOVED the fireworks. I wish you all could have seen Xander's precious face. He kept exclaiming "their beautiful momma!"