Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pirates and Princesses Party

Xander celebrated Wreyton's 4th birthday at her home with a Princess and Pirate party.

His favorite highlights were the pirate tatoo and the treasure hunt!

Friday Family Night - Egg Decorating!

We decorated our Easter eggs outside - it was a beautiful afternoon.

The kids are becoming quite the kickball players. Mikaela LOVES to beat Daddy.

Of course, you notice that you must wear a tutu when kicking a soccer ball!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Resurrection Rolls!

This morning we made Resurrection Rolls -
We started with a marshmallow - the body of Christ.
We rolled it in butter - as Christ's body was embalmed in oils
We rolled it in cinnamon/sugar - as Christ's body was anointed with spices
We rolled it in a crescent roll - as Christ's body was placed in the tomb

We placed our rolls in the oven - and guarded them - just as Jesus was guarded

When we took our rolls out, we opened our tomb, and Jesus was gone! He had Risen!


Daises are Responsible for What they Say

At girl scouts this week we continued learning about being responsible for our actions. This week we focused on being responsible for what I say.

We started by reading "Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink" (

In the story, Gilbert writes mean Valentine cards to two of his classmates. When others find out he has written the cards, no one will sit with Gilbert at lunch or play with him at recess.

After our story, we talked about my friend Paper Plate Patty (a paper plate face I had made earlier).

We practiced saying not nice things to patty. Each time we said something hurtful to her, I had to fold her as we had hurt her feelings. We learned how even after we apologized to Patty, that we couldn't completely make those marks go away. We talked about how it is good to say sorry, but it is better to try to say only nice things to others.

We made our own paper plate patty to take home and teach our family.

Then we played hot potato with easter eggs - to High School Musical tunes of course!!!!

Mikaela's Egg Hunt

By noon, when we arrived for Mikalea's egg hunt, it had only warmed up a tad!

The kindergartners were so excited. Each of these moments is bitter sweet for me. Her last egg hunt at Bright Beginnings - her last Easter where she makes a Resurrection box and studies the Crucifixion of Christ at school.

So, after I wiped away those few tears - off we went. In kindergarten, you write your own name on 16 eggs. So, off we went - looking for Mikaela in sharpie marker on 16 eggs.

She is diligent - perservered! She even read the names of other classmates and called to them "Elena Chambers - I see one with your name on it!"

After the egg hunt, we gathered in her warm classroom for a picnic lunch.

Because I am the cool mom that I am, I purchased new water bottles (Spider man and Princess) for the kids to have with their lunch. We laughed and enjoyed our peanut butter sandwiches.

Xander's Easter Egg Hunt

It must be a tradition of the 3's - for each year I have been to a 3 year old egg hunt, it has been FREEZING!

The children in Xander's class all joined us at Grayson Park for his class easter egg hunt. Each mom had sent in 14 eggs - one with each child's name on it from the class, filled with a yummy treat.

With red noses and shaking hands, the egg hunt began.

I am so proud of Xander - he ran around yelling "I see one mommy - X - A - N - D - E - R"!!!! He found all his eggs!

After dinner we opened each one, marveled at the cool treat, and chose just one for dessert. The favorite prize however was a toy race car.

Next year I am going to be on a mission to find cool toy prizes that will fit into the eggs!

Warmer Weather Fun!

The warmer weather brings more fun for all - play dough and out door picnics for the kids, and cleaner kitchen floors for the mommy!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ella!

We went to our first "Blue Horse" party last weekend.

Our friend Ella, who sings in the preschool choir with Xander at church, turned 3!

She was kind enough to invite us to her home for pony rides, jumping in her inflatible, playing on her playground - and yes, even blue cake!