Monday, July 5, 2010

8 Random Acts of Kindness

We had such a great time this year celebrating my birthday that we decided to continue the tradition for Mikaela's birthday.

Mikaela and I brainstormed the week before her birthday and she chose her own 8 random acts of kindness.

1 - We started the day by dropping off a variety of home made muffins at the Loganville Fire Station. We had the privilege of giving them to ambulance drivers who were outside.

2 - Next, we headed to church. Mikaela had chosen some games to pass on to other families. We dropped off one to a special friend at church.

3 - Also, at church she chose to give a copy of her favorite book (I'd Be Your Princess) to one of the volunteers in children church who is having his first baby girl.

4 - After church we headed to Borders. Mikaela started by hiding strips of stickers as bookmarks in a variety of her favorite books.

5 - On our way out, she hid coupons for book purchases amongst the books in the entrance to Borders.

6 - Next, we were off to Chuck E Cheese. Mikaela had a certificate for 20 free tokens for her birthday. She randomly hid them all over Chuck E Cheese. This was her favorite. We sat in a booth and watched as kids would find them and get all excited. She loved watching the toddlers in toddler town find tokens and then get to use the token to ride in the cute little rides.

7 - One of the kids favorites from my birthday was giving out silly bandz. Kids LOVE to receive silly bandz. She left the house with her arm full of silly bandz, and returned home with just one left.

8 - The last one was my favorite. She chose to make a list of 10 great things about her brother and give it to him.

We had a great time - celebrating and sharing with others!

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Janna said...

What an absolutely fabulous thing to do!!!

I love her red, white and blue dress and the sweet letter you wrote to her.

I would love to try this when my daughter is older or on my birthday.

I have a birthday a few days before Christmas and my fav. b-day is when my friends came over and we went caroling to some elderly homes and then to the fire station. One man even cried and wanted to pay us.

thanks so much for your comment about toddler beds on my blog. It really does help me make a decision.

Have you seen my other blog Mommy's Piggy TALES? I think you would have a lot of fun recording YOUR youth for Mikeala )sorry I think I spelled that wrong. We'll start a second session in October.

It's been a blessing to talk about the past, dig up pics, and see God's hand all throughout our lives.