Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Pumpkin

My dearest Mikaela,

It's hard to believe that another year has passed and that today you are 8 years old. Every single day with you promises to be extraordinary.

This year you and I made the brave choice that I would return to being not just your mother, but your teacher. It was my honor and privilege to lead you in the journey through second grade. I'm not sure who learned more this year - me or you, and I hope each year provides us with that same challenge.

You continue to be a voracious reader. This year you stayed up an extra hour (or more if daddy and I forgot to come turn off your light and tuck you in on time) to read every night. Your favorites were The Doll People (which you and I read together at the same time - all 3 in the series), The Name of this book is Secret, and any series that involves princesses, fairies or baby sitting girls. This summer you are reading the Peter and the Star Catchers series.

This year you tried cheerleading for the first time. You cheered your team all the way to the local championships. You loved the outfit and all the parties with the girls - but didn't really enjoy the actual football games.

You are still my artist. Your sketch book is full - each sketch signed and dated. You love to draw using drawing books now. Your favorite is a disney themed one! You took a fine arts class this year and loved sculpting, painting, drawing and creating.

You have become quite the singer. You love to sing on the Wii video game - Band Hero. Love Story by Taylor Swift is your first favorite, though I think Jessie's Girl is a close second. You got a DSi for your 7th birthday and are definitely your father's child - you love to play games.

You are an amazing sister. While sometimes you and the Xman don't get along, you always love him and protect him. I adore watching the two of you together -and am grateful that you are helping Daddy and I teach Xman how to navigate the world around him.

You are so funny! Your favorite joke to tell currently is: What did one eye say to another? ...............Between you and me, something smells!

You still enjoy playing with dolls of all sizes - from American Girl baby dolls to Barbies. Your favorite playtime activity is beauty shop. You are constantly assigning me an appointment time to arrive and be made over. You assure me that even though I am not sparkly, there is help for me. You can help me.

I love that you still want to spend all your time with me. I'm grateful. You like for me to paint your toenails - always some bright sparkling color like lime green or hot pink. You like to play games - scrabble slam is your current favorite, though any one with "American Girl" on the box will do. You love to bake - easy bake or my oven, either will do. You love all things crafty - you so wish that we would learn to sew together (and we will!).

Mikaela Grace, I know that being 8 is going to be amazing. You and I are going to be so surprised at all the wonderful plans God has for our next year together.

Happy birthday baby girl!

With love,

you, at 7 - Masters Final Performance
you - at 6, at "big school"

you, at 6 - Thanksgiving

you, at two, practicing being a big sister
you, at 4, sweet as ever
you, at 3, "admiring" yourself
you, at 3, being Mary
you, at the hospital, my angel in pink

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