Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Thrailkill Family Mission Statement

This year our family is participating in a "Forget the Joneses" project. The objective of the project is for 21 days to only spend money on items on your approved spending list (made by your family at the beginning of the project). I have been reading many blogs over the course of this year in which lots of families have participated in versions of this. Some do it for the first week every month, some do it for the first month every year, while others do it for a full year.

Assignment one was to create an approved spending list. I am of the mindset that if you are going to do something - you should dive in! So, our approved spending list is short and sweet:
$10 for a playdate that was scheduled before I signed on (we have $4 left and we give ourselves permission to do another activity if it fits in that budget)
Gas - for both vehicles
Bills due will be paid
Groceries - we will do menu planning from our pantry/freezer - and only buy what we have to in order to fill in the meals.
Offering - church

Assignment two was to create a net worth statement. I won't depress you with the details of the networth of a family who has had one full time working adult for the last 7 years.........On a positive note, when I compared this year to last year we are making progress.

Assignment three was to write a family mission statement. What are our goals as a family?

We used this site to guide us through writing our mission statement. It was actually very interesting assignment. You will find bits and pieces of each of our kids in the statement - as they contributed to the discussion too.

Thrailkill Family Mission Statement 2010

As a family we are at our best when we work together.
We will try to prevent times when we are selfish.
We will find more time with each other to spend quality time together - playing the Wii, taking trips, and having fun.
We will help each family member by loving each other and not doing bad things, picking up after ourselves, being obedient to mommy and daddy and God, and praying for each other.
We will help others by using our manners when speaking to others, donating goods to the church, giving money to God, and looking for opportunities to do nice things without being asked.
We will stop procrastinating and start working on: spending quality time together every day, reading together, snuggling up as a family, and reading our bible and praying together every day.
We will be viewed as a family that is loving, nice, cool.
We will fill our home with happiness.
We will make choices and decisions based on: trust, honesty, obedience, service, kindness, commitment.

We will constantly renew ourselves by focusing on:

  • make healthy eating choices, exercise daily
  • obey God and not sin, read the bible
  • read, pray
  • fellowship with other Christians, look for kind deeds, have fun

We envision success for each family member.

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